Touchpoint optimisation for a pharmaceutical company

Medical professionals
We helped our client build a winning touchpoint optimisation strategy for its multichannel marketing plan, to achieve optimum brand growth.


Touchpoint optimisation has taken center stage, as healthcare professionals’ every interaction has the potential to shape attitudes and behaviors toward your brand. However, not all touchpoints are created equal, as some deliver much greater impact and lasting memories.

One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies was challenged for its comparably high spend for a special prescription medicine in Germany that had resulted in a seemingly low market impact. Despite the medicine’s leading market position, the value of the company’s sales representatives had been specifically called into question. The company aimed to acquire a holistic view of the impact of touchpoint optimisation on both brand equity and prescription shares, as well as synergies between the two. The company engaged Kantar to better understand the effects of its multichannel marketing investments and to optimise the allocation of resources.


Kantar employed its touchpoint optimisation strategy and conducted a pilot survey to assess the quality, effectiveness and impact that the company’s touchpoints were having on market share and brand equity for its medicine. Despite seemingly stable market positions in terms of brand equity, our physician survey revealed that a high share of brand equity (of about 25 percent) was being created through recent touchpoint experiences. That was significant, because pharma touchpoints generally have longer term effects on prescriptions – with 70 percent of touchpoints’ impact on prescription share driven indirectly through increased brand equity.


Our survey revealed that our client’s pharmaceutical salesforce was indeed one of the top touchpoints, impacting both brand equity and prescriptions, and it was having the highest synergistic effect on other touchpoints. Furthermore, apart from the expected impact of “big” channels, earned touchpoints, such as conversation among colleagues, showed a surprisingly high impact.


With our client now understanding that its communications are significantly affecting long-term brand building and brand growth, they could focus on creating sustainable brand messages. Additionally, since the salesforce’s impact does stretch beyond pure sales, including a crucial impact on brand equity and a synergistic influence on other touchpoints, it’s clear that the salesforce remains one of the most important channels in the pharma market and that the comparably high capital investment in it is justified. Going forward, earned touchpoints will now be put into focus, with consequent actions developed in order to better manage these channels.

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