Gathering valuable information from patient support groups

Patient support groups provide invaluable information about unmet needs and opportunities to improve patient care and outcomes.


One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies wanted to better understand intervention opportunities across the patient journey for immunology diseases and from the perspective of patient support groups. With significant unmet needs, the overarching goal was to learn how to better assist these patient support groups, including better understanding both the opportunities raised by patient support groups as well as future considerations when implementing initiatives.

With a focus on markets such as China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, and given the differences in the maturity of patient support groups across these countries, the company needed to understand engagement opportunities both regionally, as well as for each country individually across the different therapeutic areas of immunology diseases. The company engaged Kantar because of its expertise in stakeholder engagement and patient advocacy groups.


Kantar adopted a qualitative, deep dive approach to understand the current gaps, as well as possible solutions, within the patient journey and from the perspective of patient support groups. Our qualitative work provided depth and unique insight by holistically identifying the drivers of what patients seek from a patient support group, allowing our client to incorporate these needs in the interventions that they would craft.

We also provided key information about the patients engaging with these support groups that offered insight into the socio-cultural needs of these patients. Importantly, this approach outlined the objectives that patient support groups have across the patient journey – awareness of the disease, diagnosis, biologics treatment, disease management and quality of life – and identified for our client the possibilities of a common framework of engagement across therapeutic areas.


Developed using the latest thinking in behavioural economics and behaviour change dynamics, this framework provided our client with a strategic tool to support current programmes in place by further optimising and increasing their reach across therapeutic areas. Our client was also able to tailor future initiatives in each country based on support group maturity as well as the unmet needs and opportunities across different therapeutic areas.


Kantar views this successful engagement as the foundation for clearly informing patient support groups and identifying the intersections or gaps across the patient journey that our clients can target with efforts to fill unmet need.

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