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17 June 2024
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July 2024

July 18: 2024 MONITOR Consumer Trends

July 16: Drive Brand Growth Through Inclusion

July 11: Commerce Now: Striking a balance

July 11: How you can use AI-Powered insights for innovation and explore new growth opportunities

June 2024

June 20: LinkedIn Live: One Brand with Kantar - The AI opportunity for brands

June 13: Sports MONITOR 2024 Webinar

June 12: Kantar BrandZ Global Launch Event 2024

June 11: The Future of Measurement: Use AI to Elevate Marketing ROI

June 6: Amplifying allyship: Actions speak louder than rainbows

May 2024

May 30: LinkedIn Live: On Brand with Kantar - Blueprint for Brand Growth

May 14: Blueprint for Brand Growth

April 2024

April 25: Turning the Corner: The New Direction of Opportunity

April 23 & 24: Kantar Retail IQ: Value Channel Virtual Event

April 23: Affluent New Nomads: Implications and Opportunities for the Luxury Sector

April 16: LinkedIn Live: On Brand with Kantar - Sustainable auto - Beyond the drive

April 2 & 3: Kantar Retail IQ: Costco Virtual Event

March 2024

March 28: Commerce Now: Shifting power dynamics

March 28: Brand Imprint: Building your distinctive assets for success

March 27: LinkedIn Live: On Brand with Kantar - Why consumers ignore brands’ sustainability efforts

March 21: MONITOR: Global Gen Z: Unlocking Their Influence

March 21: AdWeek Webinar: The Future of Measurement - Using AI to Increase Media Effectiveness

February 2024: 

February 29: Better Creative = Better ROI

February 28: Attention beyond views for creative effectiveness

February 27: Managing the weight: becoming ready for GLP-1s and what’s to come

February 8: Super Bowl LVIII & The Future of Fandom

February 7: LinkedIn Live: On Brand with Kantar - Is the Super Bowl a Safe Space for Brand Purpose?

February 6: The Big Debate: Does sustainability pay off for brands?

January 2024

January 31: LinkedIn Live: Sustainable Tech - CES and Beyond

January 24: Qual PowerGroup Live Demo Session

January 18: Commerce Now: Planning on uncertainty

January 18: The 2024 Global MONITOR Outlook - Soothe and Secure

January 17: Weigh to Win: Is there a right balance between Brand and Performance Marketing to drive growth in financial services?

December 2023

December 12: LinkedIn Live: Future Ready - Media

December 5: How to win in Retail’s Golden Quarter

November 2023

November 21: Effectiveness Examined: TV and the Expanding Content Universe

November 15: LinkedIn Live: Future Ready - Automotive

November 15: Kantar Analytics Live - Curating meaningful data for strong sustainable positioning that drives brand growth

November 9: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Global Scale, Local Detail

November 8: Media Trends & Predictions 2024

October 2023

October 30: LinkedIn Live: Future Ready - Media

October 26: FutureView: Of Two Minds

October 11: Inclusion Excellence: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

October 5: Sustainability Sector Index 2023

September 2023

September 28: Magnify creative effectiveness at scale with AI & Analytics

September 27: Ethnicity in advertising: Does skin tone make a difference?

September 19: LinkedIn Live: Hack to the Future - Understanding viewer attitudes to overcome ad avoidance

September 14: LinkedIn Live: Future Ready - Financial Services

September 6: Kantar Media Reactions 2023: Braving the battleground

September 6: Harness the power of inclusiveness in advertising

August 2023

August 30: The 2024 DEI Outlook

August 8: Launching Kantar’s Brand Inclusion Index

July 2023

July 31: LinkedIn Live: Kantar Future Ready - Food & Beverage

July 26: 2024 Youth Outlook

July 20: Kantar's 2023 retail predictions: Cultural context

June 2023

June 28: 2023 MONITOR Consumer Trends

June 23: LinkedIn Live: Kantar Future Ready - Retail

June 22: Everything you need to know for collecting the highest quality data

June 14: Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2023: The four biggest Challenges for brands in 2023

June 7: 2023 Sports MONITOR outlook: Winning the battle for fan attention

June 6: Introducing Link+: Discover the most powerful way to make creative work

May 2023

May 31: Kantar Analytics Live - Curating meaningful data to shape valuable, future-fit brands

May 17: Outstanding Innovation Awards 2023

May 16: Fireside chat: Optimizing brand building with Meta

May 15: LinkedIn Live: Kantar Future Ready - Technology

May 11: Shopping for beverage Aacohol

May 10: What really drives brand choice?

April 2023

April 25: LinkedIn Live - Why AI: How machine learning enhances your consumer insights

April 19: LinkedIn Live - The state of online research panels

April 18: Creative Effectiveness Awards 2023 - How to win in a digital world

April 13: Kantar's 2023 retail predictions: Digital accelerates into the store

March 2023

March 29: Consumer Values – The Shifts That Matter Most

March 22: How AI can help you analyze the past to predict the future

March 16: LinkedIn Live - Secrets to winning innovation

March 15: Kantar Analytics Live - Curating Meaningful Data to Maximize the Value of Every Customer Relationship

February 2023

February 28: Harness the power of emotion in digital advertising

February 23: How to conduct impactful pricing research

February 21: LinkedIn Live - Advertising Opportunities: How can marketers break from the norms in 2023?

February 16: How agile thinking beats agile process

February 10: Super Bowl 2023: What to expect

January 2023

January 31: LinkedIn Live - Dynamism from Disruption

January 25: Super Bowl Creative Evolution - DEI in the Big Game

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