Non-Interventional Studies

Assessing short and long-term treatment patterns to understand the effectiveness, safety and value of your product.

Over 30 years of CRO experience

We have an established record for observational research, conducting more than 400 studies covering 2 million patients

Experience in broad range of indications

We’ve published over 1500 studies covering over 200 conditions, including oncology and rare diseases.

Global clinical operation

Research is supported by a full-service clinical operation, proprietary physician panels and local networks in 60+ countries.

High quality standards

We are ISO 20252 and 27001 certified and meet GCP, GEP, GPP, and ENCePP requirements.

We’re proud to offer decades of experience in observational and non-interventional research studies. This allows us to be fully adaptive when realising your product’s value.

Accelerated approvals and regulatory pressure to mitigate risk make it especially important to demonstrate drug safety post-approval, effectiveness, and utilization patterns under real life conditions. Observational research enables long-term evaluation in these areas and generates evidence to define, substantiate and communicate the value of your treatment to different stakeholders.

Our treatment value experts understand the varied needs of patients, payers and healthcare professionals. We’ll help you demonstrate the value of your treatment for these audience by identifying the actions needed to maximise the potential of your treatment before and after approval, and minimize the possible risks.

Featured solutions
Get comprehensive research and data to evaluate patient outcomes, treatment patterns, resource utilization and costs.
Accurate and holistic analysis on the incidence, distribution, and control of diseases and factors relating to health.
Save time and improve evidence generation with linked clinical and patient-reported data.

Clinical Publications

Over 1,500 scientific and peer-reviewed articles to further understanding in health research.
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