Store, Shelf & Point of Sale Optimization
Win in store by understanding how shoppers make decisions. Optimize store, shelf and point-of-sale layouts to convert sales.

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To drive conversion in store, you need to make shopper tasks easy by standing out and making the purchase easy. We help you understand how shoppers make decisions, and how to influence choice. Quickly and cost-effectively test and optimize merchandising, packaging, promotions and more – to maximize return on your in-store investments.

Key features

Reflecting shopper reality

We know how shoppers’ minds work and use virtual reality environments to test initiatives quickly and cost-effectively.

Validated solutions

Based on the latest behavioral economics thinking, our robust approaches and KPIs predict real shopper behavior.

Actionable direction

We help you drive sales by developing in-store layouts, communications and packaging that influence shopper decisions.

More information

Influencing shoppers in store is a key goal for most brands. They must earn the right to influence by first making the shopper’s task easier.

Shopper Decisions helps you improve sales conversion at the moment of choice by understanding how shoppers look for products and make decisions.

It answers the following critical questions:

  • How can I increase brand and category performance at shelf?
  • How do I deliver best-in-class merchandizing and layout?
  • How should I communicate at the point of sale to influence shoppers?
  • How can I win with our retail partners?


Many point-of-sale initiatives are launched without a full understanding of how they will perform in a real store context.

Shopper eValuate uses virtual reality environments (for bricks and mortar) or the latest digital observation technology (for ecommerce) to replicate the moment of purchase and provide a genuine understanding of how people will behave. It reveals unconscious triggers and habitual patterns to generate insights for growth from both new and existing buyers.

It answers the following critical questions:

  • How can I drive growth by improving the performance of in-store shopper executions?
  • Does my packaging have the right visual cues to be easily found?
  • Does my point-of-sale material engage and deliver the required message?
  • What is the optimal shelf layout to facilitate navigation and drive conversion?

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