Our Partners

We work with several partners to deliver more powerful solutions for our clients, across the world.

Kantar has been partnering with Google since 2008 to provide global independent campaign reach and brand lift measurements services and is a Google Measurement Partner.

Kantar insights and thought leadership are frequently featured on Think with Google, and Kantar serves as a Preferred Research Vendor to Google.

Kantar uses Google services such as Google Analytics Suite 360, Google Survey and Google Cloud to power its solution development and is partnering with Google for audience activation.


Kantar has globally partnered with Facebook since 2014 to provide sales lift measurement to shared clients. Kantar has expanded the partnership to include brand lift measurement and activation capabilities.


Since 2015, Kantar has partnered with Twitter to deliver global ad effectiveness research using Twitters native polling solution. Kantar also partners with Twitter on a variety of custom research projects to help inform Twitter’s go-to-market narrative.


Kantar and Alibaba joined forces to create a holistic brand building framework, designed to help CMOs develop, measure and optimise their Chinese marketing activities. The framework combines Kantar’s research IP and marketing solutions with Alibaba’s in-depth behavioural understanding and brand KPI systems, based on its 500-million-strong customer base across China.


Kantar partners with Qualtrics to provide a full Experience Management (XM) offer to our clients.

Experiences are a vital element and a main distinction of every successful business. Qualtrics is the technology platform of choice that organisations use to collect, manage, and act on experience data. The Kantar-Qualtrics partnership offers full-service solutions combining Qualtrics’ unique, advanced XM Platform and Kantar’s world-class consulting, implementation and managed services.


Kantar has partnered with Hulu since 2010 to measure ad effectiveness of their campaigns.

We frequently work on custom analysis to help provide more value to advertising clients.


Kantar started working with Snapchat in 2014 and become their preferred brand lift measurement partner in 2017.

Kantar currently measures roughly 1,000 campaigns on Snapchat each year, as well as carrying out custom research initiatives.


Acxiom is a global leader in consumer data using insights and analysis to understand, reach and engage digital audiences everywhere.

Kantar has partnered with Acxiom globally since 2013, to enable the creation of Kantar Audiences for analytics, media buying and campaign measurement.


Affectiva has provided Kantar with facial coding and emotion analytics since 2012. The technology allows the measurement of unfiltered and unbiased consumer responses to advertising content, through the recording and analysis of viewers’ facial expressions. Outputs are used within Kantar's Link ad testing solution, as an input in the prediction of overall ad effectiveness and to diagnose emotional and cognitive response.


Kantar and Comscore partner on the integration of digital measurement assets with Kantar owned and sourced solutions, like our joint cross-screen TV measurement offer.

Conexance uses predictive models and machine learning to find statistical lookalikes for audience segments, allowing clients to activate specific targets into all major platforms. Kantar partners with Conexance in France to enable the creation of Kantar Audiences for media buying.
Kantar partners with audience technology platform Eyeota globally to onboard and enable Kantar Audiences for media buying across analytics and buying platforms.
IRI and Kantar deliver joint solutions for advertisers and publishers to gain insights into consumer behaviours, by integrating IRI’s consumer propensity-to-buy data with Kantar surveys and brand tracking studies. Clients can also activate Kantar’s custom audiences and segmentation programmatically by incorporating IRI’s purchase-based audiences. 
LiveRamp connects people, data and devices across the digital and physical world. Kantar has partnered with LiveRamp since 2009 to enable the use of Kantar Audiences for analytics, media buying and campaign measurement.
Kantar partners with Medallia to provide a full end-to-end Customer Experience offer to our clients. Medallia’s award-winning software platform, the Medallia Experience Cloud, leads the market in the understanding and management of experience for customers and employees. Together we deliver CX solutions that combine years of research in best practices around customer, brand, and employee experience.
Partners with Kantar since 2018, NDR focuses on neighbourhood and census data to segment the market and create behavioural targets. Kantar partners with NDR in Sweden, Norway and Denmark to enable the use of Kantar Audiences for analytics and media buying.
Kantar partners with Samba to provide TV advertising effectiveness measurement in the US. Samba provides TV exposure data for linear and addressable TV advertising. Matching this data to our own proprietary information allows us to produce advertising effectiveness measurement products such as Passive TV Brand Lift Insights (BLI), TV Sales Lift Insights (SLI), and Balanced Attribution (BA), ideal for agencies/advertisers and publishers/platforms.