Fighting churn through customer-centricity

We helped a technology provider reduce customer churn and increase average spend, by taking a closer look at the relationships they were building.


A leader in telecommunications network equipment and services was losing revenue and customers from an important B2B segment. The business had limited budget to address the issue, putting its growth strategy at risk.


We assessed the key drivers for relationship strength with a TRI*M survey. Mirror analysis compared customers’ service experience with employees’ perception of their performance.


Customer relationships were weak - much weaker than the competition and among the bottom third of the TRI*M database. Results showed an urgent need to clarify the responsibilities of sales and project management. Employees overestimated their performance and underestimated the need to deliver better customer service.


Delivery improvements at key customer touchpoints generated an estimated value to the business of over €35 million through significant churn reduction, increased average spend and customer advocacy.

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