Sony’s brand is driven by quality perceptions in its core consumer products

22 december 2023
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The Sony brand was first adopted back in the 1950s by a Japanese company set up just after WWII.   It derives in part from the Latin word sonus, relating to sound.  Its first portable ‘transistor television’ went on sale in 1960.  The success of this line of products in the USA drove the global growth of the company.  Since then, Sony have made a very wide range of products – from radios to laptops to robots, and from mobile phones to the hugely successful Playstation games console.  It now has a broad entertainment offer – movies, music and more, with a current focus on AI.

Sony was last in the BrandZ global rankings in 2016, worth just over US$8bn.  This year it has pushed its brand value to $17.8bn – more than doubling in the last 7 years.  This is based on its strong core brand equity. Their overall Consumer Trust index is comparable with much larger brands and it ranks #13 on Trust out of all the technology brands in the 2023 report. 

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Two thirds of Sony’s brand value comes from consumer electronics. Perceptions of superior function – one of the four brand building basics identified by Kantar BrandZ – underpin the brand when competing in the consumer electronics space. However, these qualities are less noted in the mobile handsets category when Sony has lost out in recent years

In summary, Sony's trajectory from post-WWII beginnings to a $17.8bn global brand today reflects its diverse product range, strong core brand equity, and a focus on AI and entertainment. While excelling in consumer electronics, challenges in mobile handsets underscore the brand's dynamic evolution and resilience in a competitive market.


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