Dutch start up Picnic leverages technology to disrupt the grocery category and delight its customers

06 mei 2024
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A unique grocery shopping experience

Picnic has disrupted Dutch grocery shopping habits since its launch in 2015, providing an ‘app only’ approach to grocery shopping. Without the need for physical stores, Picnic is able to offer fresher products at lower prices and free home delivery from its fully electric fleet.
Picnic recently expanded its operations to new European markets and now has customers across 200 cities spanning the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Kantar BrandZ Picnic app downloads

Source: Kantar BrandZ: Netherlands, Grocery Retailers, 2018-2023

An innovative business model

Picnic’s innovative business model has earnt it a clear sense of Difference, sitting within the top 1% of all brands within the BrandZ database for its differentiation. It has also built a strong reputation of being a disruptive, specialist and advanced brand. 

Picnic’s innovative approach to grocery shopping doesn’t stop with its app. Its electric fleet is designed to be narrow to reduce street blockages, its distribution method is derived from an algorithm to increase its delivery efficiencies and reduce large delivery windows and costs, and its demand forecasting is led by AI to minimise waste and ensure product availability.

With customer centricity at its heart

With such a clear point of Difference comes a challenge for Picnic to ensure it remains Meaningful to consumers. Over time Picnic is achieving this, becoming more relevant to Dutch consumers after expanding its delivery fleet and city coverage, offering precise delivery windows and a personalised shopping experience through its app. 

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