Odido's disruption of Telecoms offers a master class in re-branding with strong marketing

30 april 2024
Odido header

Odido emerges as a Most Valuable Dutch brand

Odido emerged over-night in September 2023 when 119 T-Mobile and Tele2 stores were rebranded into Odido stores. 
With a huge marketing investment, Odido has managed to create a strong connection with consumers, surpassing that of its former incarnation T-Mobile. With equity and high penetration, it looks set for a strong future. 
In 2024 Odido entered Kantar Most Valuable Dutch Brand ranking at #12.

Kantar BrandZ Odido MDS

Source: Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Dutch Brands

Disrupting the category

It had more in common with a high-stakes movie heist than a typical brand launch. One day in September 2023, thousands of Dutch telecoms customers woke up to discover that their old service providers – T-Mobile and Tele 2 – had vanished and been replaced in full by a new brand called Odido. This was a complete and instantaneous switch with physical branches and online stores changing design overnight. 


Consistent use of distinctive assets

With its consistent use of pastel colours and modern voice in every touchpoint, Odido is a very distinctive brand from the get-go. From its logo, to DOOHs and Facebook page, the brand identity is consistent and distinctive. This has been appreciated by consumers and has helped to build perceptions of a brand that is worth paying more for.

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