Jeep: from fighter to star locally, advancing with a distinctive approach internationally

15 april 2024
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A brand built on historical achievement

Designed for the WW2 battlefield, the ‘Willy’s MB’ was the first iteration of the Jeep to be ordered by the U.S. Army. The simple, tough and versatile vehicle was such a success that the US Army Chief of Staff at the time described it as ‘America's greatest contribution to modern warfare’, with one MB even being awarded a Purple Heart.

Today, Jeep is difference lead in most markets having built on their rugged history and distinctive design. At home however, they have successfully developed their position further to reach Star status.

Jeep MDS

Source: BrandZ Jeep Cars India (2021), Canada (2021) and USA (2022)


How Jeep modernized and adapted its values

In their home market, Jeep is positioned as the brand for the modern American adventurer seeking freedom in the outdoors. They are perceived as high priced but distinctive and hold strong Demand Power. 

Jeep Demand Power

 Source: BrandZ Jeep Cars India (2021), Canada (2021) and USA (2022) 


Jeep invests in the national Super Bowl ads to share their message of freedom and adventure, tinged with patriotism, to a broad audience. The most recent edition featured Bruce Springsteen embodying the rugged American traveler. 

The ‘Badge of Honor’ scheme rewards adventurous Jeep drivers who embody the brand’s values of exploration. With over 60 US trails to choose from, Jeep users can log their achievements through an app to receive a physical badge for each one completed. 

Despite its great advertising, Jeep’s strong Difference remains unsupported abroad

Jeep is clearly communicating their meaningfully different position at home where they have tapped into the national celebration of freedom. Abroad however their Difference stands ahead, unsupported by Meaning and Salience. The brand has a solid base to build from but need to adapt their ads to the international audience.

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