The Blueprint for Brand Growth is a breakthrough in understanding how businesses build profitable, strong and sustainable brands.

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54 Billion attitudinal data 
11 Billion attitudinal data 
10 Years
20 Brands

Kantar’s Blueprint for Brand Growth is built on an analysis of 6.5 billion consumer data points, on how people feel and act, collected over the past decade


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How can you shape stronger and more profitable brands?

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Be Meaningfully Different to More People
Predispose More People
Be More Present
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Find out how successful brands put the Growth Driver and the three Growth Accelerators into actions

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Our experts reveal the Blueprint for Brand Growth, Kantar’s evidence-based framework built on 6.5 billion consumer database.

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Blueprint for Brand Growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Kantar’s Blueprint for Brand Growth?

    The Blueprint for Brand Growth combines more than a decade of Kantar’s data and insights to create new quantified rules for marketing. It gives CMOs a validated decision-making framework so they can better control the levers of growth that shape their brand future.

  • How can I find out about my Brand’ starting point?

    The Blueprint has an overarching Growth Driver and three Growth Accelerators. For each of these there is a Starting Grid, which can be used to determine a brand’s starting point, allowing them to define what their strategy should be, and how they can measure progress. Our Kantar representatives in your country will help you diagnose your Brand and inform where you can optimise your efforts.

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  • What is so unique about Blueprint?

    Kantar has spent decades collecting both behavioural (what people do) and attitudinal (what people think and feel) data at scale, so we have a unique ability to be able to link these data sets to drive truly insightful analysis. The Blueprint brings together all of this data and expertise under one unifiying, validated framework. The Blueprint for Brand Growth is the new evidence-based go-to framework for marketers.

  • What is the Blueprint methodology?

    We analysed 5.4 bn attitudinal data from Kantar BrandZ and 1.1 bn Kantar’s Worldpanel division’s behavioural data, using our intellectual property – the Meaningful Different and Salient framework, which is accredited by the Marketing Council Standards Board (MASB).

  • What is the difference between attitudinal, behavioral and shopper data?

    Kantar’s Worldpanel division has decades’ worth of data which captures the choices shoppers make at the point of purchase – this is called behavioural data. Attitudinal data tells us what people think and feel about brands, and in the case of the Blueprint, this comes from our global BrandZ research. It is the combination of both types of data that enables us to create a framework that links to a range of financial outcomes.