Helping the Coca-Cola Company to scale creative success

Global ad production testing costs were reduced while speed to market was accelerated, with Creative Transport.


The Coca-Cola Company wanted to increase the efficiency of their ad development by finding additional markets where an already produced creative would perform well and uncover the underlying factors that indicate why certain ads are more likely to be successful. They required a solution to work across 80 key markets.


Kantar used Artificial Intelligence to look at Coca-Cola TV creatives as well as other food and drink ads which had been evaluated by Kantar’s Link copy testing solution.


Kantar predicted creative performance in markets without the time and expense of testing ads in those markets.


Using the Kantar Creative Transport, The Coca-Cola Company projects:

  • Saving up to 30% in production costs due to reusing higher-quality ads
  • Earn and allocate 10-15% in copy testing value
  • Immeasurable sales increases due to better ads in market
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