A winning formula for Cadbury's digital campaign evaluation

Kantar's insights about how the campaign performed won the brand advertising effectiveness category in the IAB Europe Research Awards in 2017.


Mondelez and AOL in the UK partnered on the ground-breaking ‘Shared Moments & Memory Lane’ campaign to position Cadbury Buttons as synonymous with shared moments. The ‘Memory Lane’ tool combined virtual reality with personalisation, allowing parents to upload family photos and see them dynamically integrated into an immersive 360-degree video. The campaign spoke to mums at scale via vlogger engagement, celebrity endorsement and media amplification on MumsNet, HuffPost and Facebook. But how would they measure success? 


Brand Lift Insights measured the campaign’s contribution on key performance measures among parents with children aged 0-5. Responses between a group exposed to the campaign were compared to those who were not.


We saw a very strong impact on all core brand metrics, with the campaign comfortably excelling in driving awareness, message and purchase intent.


The results clearly demonstrated that very innovative campaigns can have a strong impact as long as they are well amplified and well branded. This research won the brand advertising effectiveness category in the IAB Europe Research Awards 2017.

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