Subscribe to Parc Auto 2022, the European car market study, for a pan-European vision of the market.

Parc Auto has been the reference study on the French households’ car fleet for 30 years. It offers an unrivalled depth of data: fleet structure, usage, driver profiles, alternative mobility, financing, insurance and vehicle maintenance.

With 10,000 households surveyed each year, Parc Auto provides robust information accessible for a competitive and modular budget.

In 2022, Parc Auto will be extended to Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy, for a pan-European vision of the market, particularly with regard to the following issues:

  • The state of the fleet in a context of increasing market polarisation on the range levels
  • Status and prospects of the electrification of the car fleet
  • New vs. used car purchase: practices, motivations and potential
  • Transformation of the purchasing process 
  • Evolution of financing and insurance methods
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