Tackling the Kraft Heinz multi-country trade promotion challenge

By implementing the Kantar TPx solution in EMEA, Kraft Heinz has been able to unify teams under a single system, helping them save time, focus on performance drivers, and make better decisions.


Prior to beginning its TPx journey with Kantar, whilst Kraft Heinz had adequate ways of working across its EMEA Region, it lacked consistency. Some regions were limited to outdated TPM systems or used Excel as their commercial management tool. Different systems and tools made it quite challenging to build a cohesive commercial plan. Many routines and processes were manual and, though they enabled the business to run, there was still much improvement to be made.


In order to address the key challenges they were facing, Kraft Heinz decided to bring the entire EMEA region under the same TPx umbrella by implementing the Kantar solution across countries. The approach was to make sure that each function that touched the commercial business cycle would refer to the same processes, data, and tools, to ensure one source of truth. This would clarify commercial performance, automate processes, and standardise ways of working. These improvements would critically free up time, allowing Kraft Heinz to focus their attention on value drivers for performance.


This multi-country TPx implementation with Kraft Heinz has highlighted that, despite the unique challenges that each individual country faces, the application of a single solution can unify teams across borders and standardise ways of workings. It shows that the use of a common template for every market is not only possible, but also saves time and money during the implementation and supports the system moving forward.


With Kraft Heinz EMEA now rallied around one system, teams are empowered by one source of truth. This provides a single business lens and unified perspective with which to collaborate and plan upon. Teams across countries can speak the “same language,” align goals, and standardise ways of working. With people, trusted data, and processes now in sync, Kraft Heinz can use the time freed up by the system automation to focus on the factors that matter most to the business and drive long-term sustainable growth.

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