Showing belVita how to revitalise its offering

STAN Landscape helped to give the client recommendations on how the brand can evolve and succeed in the ‘morning’ nourishment category.
Hannah F., Mondelez belVita“Thank you very much for taking us through the trending ingredients results yesterday and for creating the dashboard! These is going to be an extremely useful piece of research and tool as we move forward with developing our innovation pipeline... Many thanks again, for all of your hard work on this project over the last few months! It is very much appreciated.”


Despite seeing steady growth since its launch, belVita has stagnated with a challenge to their core business.

It faced a turning point where it needed to ensure it’s still relevant and strengthen its position in the wider ‘healthy nourishment’ space. One way to do this was to ensure that belVita is offering products with new and exciting ingredients, alongside their best sellers, which will keep consumers engaged.

To revitalise the brand and unlock belVita’s next chapter of growth, we were looking to understand:

  • Macro trends driving healthy nourishment space to become more contextually relevant to wellbeing trends, challenging other market innovations
  • Growing ingredients / ingredients combinations to revitalise belVita’s offering


The results of the project will be used to help with idea creation of new ingredients for belVita product development.

  • Create a universe
    • Query based on: wellbeing, health and healthy products
  • Structure the universe
    • Taxonomy creation
  • Analyse
    • STAN was main tool used
  • Shallow and deep dive
  • Delivery


1. Through our analysis, we spotted 4 Macro trends (with key goals & motivations) during consumer choices.

  • Functional era
  • In control
  • Greener futures
  • Fun on the plate

2. We looked at the current belVita ingredients vs. mainstream/disruptive ingredients.

3. Then we created a summary of belVita’s current performance against these.

4. And crafted new ingredients ideas linked to jobs to be done and nutrients/minerals.


We live tested the combinations of ingredients ideas in Power BI. The client told us it would be an extremely useful piece of research and tool as they move forward with developing our innovation pipeline.

We provided recommendations on how belVita can evolve and succeed in the morning nourishment or wider nourishment category.

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