Evoluindo uma marca de varejo para a próxima geração

Thanks to insights around customer segments, Kantar helped a women's apparel retailer to uncover new sources of growth.


Flagging sales and a disruptive marketplace compelled this retailer to take a closer look at its core consumer to uncover new growth.


Applying Kantar’s MindBase® analysis on current consumers revealed different segments, fresh insights about the retailer's core customer, and a new cohort for which the brand could evolve their product offer. 


A deep understanding of the attitudes and motivations of each target segment informed strategic changes across multiple channels, including retail sites, online and catalogue sales.


As a result of an attitudinally enhanced marketing and communication strategy, retail sites achieved a 20-25% increase in sales and a 12% increase in profitability. Furthermore, improved email offerings yielded a 12% higher response rate, while a new creative design attracted a new, younger buyer representative of the core consumer.

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